Jalsudhar Water Conditioner 5 inch

Brand: BVG Life Sciences Ltd.

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Jalsudhar Water Conditioner 5 inch

Jalsudhar is a unique, efficient, energy saving device designed to eliminate the problems of hard water, whilst retaining the natural benefits.
Jalsudhar uses a series of controlled, complex, modulating high frequency waveform that neutralises the bonding ability of minerals that are contained in the water. This field effectively agitates different sized molecules likely to form scale & to break the bonds between molecules & the water. This results the break down of large mineral crystals into tiny mineral particles & then prevent them from reacting with other minerals or bonding to any surface to form scales. The process is so effective that existing scales are progressively broken down & flushed away in due course of time. The conditioned gaseous ions results in non-corrosive & better tasting water. It also helps the plants to grow well & healthy, thereby increases the yield.

1. No salt or chemicals needed.
2. No maintenance, no plumbing & easy to install.
3. Water pressure in pipe is unaffected.
4. It retains healthy minerals.
5. Little space required and safe to use.
6. Low running cost, negligible power consumption.
7. Effective on PVC, HDPE, copper or steel pipe.
8. No waste water.
9. Money back guarantee.
10. Helps to control biological impurities.
11. Reducing bacteria growth


  • Pipe Size: 5 inch
  • Water flow / hour: 70000 to 1,000,000
  • Pump HP: 15 HP

Two coiled antennae wrapped around the water pipe broadcast & induce a series of controlled complex modulated signal field into the water pipe. When water passes rapidly from the complex signal field, it changes the behavior of the mineral particles in the water.

1. Water with high TDS level can be easily utilized for irrigating crops.
2. Reduces the effect of salts. Basic elements are made available into root zone. It also enhances nutrients uptake by plants.
3. Reduces the tip burn problem of leaves.
4. Drip irrigation lines are kept clean & soil structure is also improved.
5. Efficiency of fertilizers & pesticides is increased. Thus minimizes expenditure on them.
6. Enhances crop growth & increases production.
7. In cattle, increases milk production & fat content of milk.
8. In poultry, egg laying capacity is increased & problem of calcium deficiency in poultry is minimized with increase in feed conversion ratio.
9. It improves effectiveness of work where water is used in residential & industrial areas, thereby decreases cost & increases production & quality of produce or work.