Amul Bovi Plus Vitaminised Mineral Mixture 1 Kg

Brand: Amul Cattle Feed

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Amul Bovi Plus Vitaminised Mineral Mixture 1 Kg

SAP Material code: DANMMBPV02

Animal feed supplement of Highly Bio-available Chelated Minerals, Vitamins and Rumen Protected Amino Acids for improved Fertility and Productivity.


  • Rumen Protected Amino Acid helps in milk yield and fat (%) improvement.
  • Yeast form selenium and Vitamin E develops strong Immunity
  • Improves in Milk production, Fat and SNF
  • Improves Reproductive performance
  • Reduction in inter calving period
  • Improves immunity against mastitis
  • Niacin & Chromium helps as energy source for high yielders
  • Fortified with Vitamin B12

Application: 50-60 grams/ day