Katyayani Organic Potash Fertilizer 950 grams

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Katyayani Organic Potash Fertilizer 950 grams


Katyayani organic potash fertilizer is organic fertilizer for gardening as it helps in increasing flowers and fruit size.


  • Katyayani organic potash fertilizer is organic fertilizer used for flowers and fruit size Helps to increase crop yield. improves plants and health. improves root growth and helps plants fight diseases 
  • Organic. Potash is used on crops, such as corn, wheat, and vegetables, it helps increase the quantity and quality of yields. Organic potash fertilizer is a necessary nutrient required for the growth of plants. Potash helps in improving photosynthesis efficiency as it regulates CO2 intake.
  • organic potash fertilizer Increases water retention. Improves drought resistance and increases root growth. Produce grain rich in starch. Creates disease resistance in plants. Maintains turgor, reduces water loss and wilting, and also increases plant resistance to drought. Soil Microbial activity increases.

3-4ml per litre of water as foliar/fertigation/drip applications.
Bio Seed treatment: For seeds mix 10 ml organic potash fertilizer/kg of seeds. Seedlings or planting setts can be dipped for 30 min @ 250 - 500 ml per 50 to 60-liter water before planting. After each treatment allows the seed/seedling/sett to dry in shade for 30 minutes before planting.

How to Use:
Step 1: Sprinkle evenly around the plant.
Step 2: Change the soil around the plant to cover the organic potash. 
Step 3: Make sure there is enough water.

Nett. weight: 950 grams

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