Lawin - Fenobucarb (BPMC) 50 % EC 1 litre

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Lawin - Fenobucarb (BPMC) 50 % EC 1 litre

Technical: Fenobucarb (BPMC) 50 % EC
Substance group: Carbamate
Product type: Insecticide
Mode of action: Contact acting with long residual effects. Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitor.
BPMC is a low mammalian toxic carbamate with a good action against leafhoppers and plant hoppers, major pests of rice. It acts as a contact poison. It has a relatively fast killing action and a moderately long residual action.
Recommendations from Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee:
Crop Name Common Name of the pest Dosage/ Hectare Waiting
Period (days)
Formulation (gm/ml) Dilution in Water (Liter)
Rice Brown plant hopper, Green leaf hopper 500 – 1500 500 30

Nett. vol.: 1 litre

Manufactured, Marketed, and Dispatched by: Lavanya Agritech Industries

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