Sonkul Sai Bio Kit

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Sonkul Sai Bio Kit


Sai Bio Kit comprises 8 bottles of 250 ml containing:
A – Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria
B – Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria
C – Potash Mobilising Bacteria
D – Zink and Silicate Solubilising Bacteria, Sulphur and Ferrous Mobilising Bacteria
E – Bacillus Subtilisand Pseudomonas fluorescens
F – Verticillium lecanii, Beauveria Bassiana and Metharhizum anisopliae
G – Trichoderma Viride and Trichoderma Harzianum.
H – Paecilomyces lilacinus: it is highly beneficial for plant and soil health.
  • Promoted balanced crop growth.
  • Protect crops from biotic and abiotic stress.
  • Improves soil health and fertility of the soil.
  • Decomposes organic matter in the soil.
  • Saves on the cost of chemical fertilizers.
  • Provides long-term benefits.     
How to Use:
  1. Mix 2 Kg Black jaggery in 200 litres.
  2. Add the contents of the kit to the solution.
  3. Keep the solution for maturing for 12-24 hours in the shed.
  4. Apply in the root zone by drip or drenching.
  5. One Sai Bio Kit is sufficient for 1 acre of land.

Nett Weight: 2 litre

Manufactured, Packed & Dispatched By: Sonkul Agro Industries

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