Sonkul Sai Crop Booster Kit

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Sonkul Sai Crop Booster Kit


SAI CROP BOOSTER KIT comprises specially formulated combinations of various types of growth enhancers to be used through foliar spray applications. The application stages are carefully selected keeping in view the specific requirement of crops at critical growth stages. The combination of kit contents individually and jointly improves the metabolism of the growing plant. The effect of the kit results in balanced vegetative growth, profused flowering, improved fruit set and boosts fruit development. The use of SAI CROP BOOSTER KIT effectively increases yield.
  • Special contents of kits enhance root, shoots, branches, leaves and overall vegetative growth of all types of crops.
  • Contains powerful flowering stimulants suitable for all types of fruits, vegetables, flowers and food grain crops. Enhances flowering, reduces flower drop and convert flower into fruits effectively.
  • Contains essential plant growth boosters for increasing crop growth and yield.
  • Provides balanced nutritional support to the growing crops by increasing nutrient availability and uptake.
  • Increases tolerance against abiotic stress due to extreme climatic conditions such as water stress, high-temperature stress, chilling injury and salinity etc.
  • Ensures better plant stand, root and shoot growth, promotes flowering and fruit set, reduces flower and fruit drop and improves fruit colour, taste, fruit weight and overall yield and quality of fruit and vegetables.
  • Helps in reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.
Recommended For:  All types of fruits, vegetables, flowers, food grains, pulses, oilseeds, ornamentals, cotton, sugarcane, plantation crops, and medicinal and aromatic plants.

Dosage: Use the contents of the kit for 1 Acre as per the following schedule through a drip (fertigation) or drenching.
Sr. No. Crop Growth Stage Recommended Products Dose
1 15 days after emergence /
BIO KELP 3 ml / litre
2 25 days after emergence /
BIO KELP 3 ml / litre
3 Flowering SAI BOOST 1-2 ml / lit.
4 Flowering / Fruit Set SAI BOOST 1-2 ml / lit.
5 Fruit Set SAI MAX 1-2 ml / lit.
6 Fruit Set / Fruit Development SAI MAX 1-2 ml / lit.
7 Fruit Development I SAI PRO 1-2 ml / lit.
8 Fruit Development II SAI PRO 1-2 ml / lit.
Method of application:
Follow the stage and spray dose recommendation of products mentioned in the kit. Spray preferably early in the morning or late in the evening.
Kit contains the following Products:
Sr. No. Product Content Packing Size
1 BIO KELP Australian Seaweed Extract 250 Ml X 2
2 SAI BOOST Growth Enhancing Botanical Extracts 250 Ml X 2
3 SAI MAX Growth Enhancing Botanical Extracts 250 Ml X 2
4 SAI PRO Growth Enhancing Botanical Extracts 250 Ml X 2

Nett Weight: 2 litre

Manufactured, Packed & Dispatched By: Sonkul Agro Industries

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