Sonkul Sun Bio VAM - VA Mycorrhiza 1 Kg

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Sonkul Sun Bio VAM - VA Mycorrhiza 1 Kg

Bio Fertilizer
Total Viable Propagules: Min. 60 Spores / g
Infectivity Potential (IP): 1200 IP / g

1 Kg Pouch packing

Vesicular Arbuscular Mychorizae associates symbiotically with the roots of the plants and helps in the increased absorption of phosphorous. SUN BIO VAM is a biological fertilizer based on spores and fragments of mycorhizal fungal filaments and infected root bits. It is used as an effective soil inoculant. Mycorhizae is obligate in nature which requires a living host for its survival. It also gives protection to plants from pathogenic fungi and nematodes.
  • Increase the uptake and mobilization of phosphate in all crops.
  • Makes the plant root system capable of getting easy access to the usable form of nutrients.
  • It acts as an accessory to the root hairs in the process of nutrient absorption and mobilization.
  • It facilitates nutrient translocation from the soil and root to the shoots.
  • Increases uptake of essential micronutrients.
  • Enhances water uptake.
  • Enhances tolerance to soil stress.

Mode of Action:
SUN BIO VAM containing mycorhizae is present universally in soil; mycorhizae are obligate and saprophytic in nature which requires a living host for its survival. The mycorhizae start associating symbiotically with the roots of the plants. This helps in the absorption of water, phosphorus mobilization, and other essential macro and micro elements and makes them available to the plants in an assumable farm. Mycorrhizae are also believed to impart drought tolerance to plants and resistance to soil-borne fungal pathogens through their symbiotic associative property.
Cereals, millets, pulses, oil seed, fruits, vegetables, plantation, fiber crops, spices, aromatic crops, sugar crops, etc.
Dosage and Method of Application:
Seed Treatment (Per kg):
Mix 20-25 gm of SUN BIO VAM in a cold jaggary solution and apply evenly on the seed surface. Dry treated seed in shade before sowing and use on the same day.
Soil Application (Per Acre):
Mix 4 kg of SUN BIO VAM with 50-100 kg of well-decomposed manure or cake.
Root treatment:
1 kg of SUN BIO VAM mixed with 50 liters of water. The roots of the seedlings are dipped in the solution for 5-10 minutes and transplanted.

Nett Weight: 1 Kg

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