HiGro Green Leafy GL-L - Liquid 1000 ml

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HiGro Green Leafy GL-L - Liquid 1000 ml

The GL-L hydroponics nutrient mix is a unique blend of the macro and micronutrients which are well balanced and highly bio-available to aid the growth of the plants. It can make 200 L 1 X Nutrient water from 1L.
The formulation is manufactured with premium-grade materials, which are free of chemical impurities and excess salts.
The homogenized composition of GL-L hydroponics nutrient mix forms a pure, composed, and stable nutrient system to ensure sustained growth along with the best quality produce of green leafy vegetables.
This Nutrient recipe is suitable for all green leafy like Spinach, Lettuce (all varieties), Basil (all varieties), all types of herbs, etc.

Dilution Guidelines:
  • Recommended nutrient dosages are in mL/L and should be used as a baseline.
  • Adjust as needed to suit your crop’s specific needs. Factors such as growing medium, temperature, humidity, plant varieties, root volume, moisture percentage in the substrate, irrigation methods, etc. should be considered.
  • To increase target EC always adds equal amounts of A&B.
  • Recommended starting pH for source water should be 6.5-7.5.
  • Recommended starting EC for source water should be 0-20ppm. Use Reverse Osmosis water as needed to achieve this target.
  • Nutrients should be added in the sequence shown on the feeding schedule. (ie part A first then part B) Adjust pH last.
  • On Unpacking the Green Leafy GL-L you will find 2 separate bags of nutrients tagged Part A and Part B.
  • The dissolution chart has been provided below tables. Please note, do not add the nutrients all at once in the stock tank to dissolve. Add the nutrients in small amounts till it dissolves. This dissolution process requires constant stirring and requires time to dissolve.
  • For ideal conditions without an automated mixer, one can make nutrient stock up to 200X For higher concentrations, it is advisable to use an automated mixer for the preparation of stock solutions.

Green Leafy GL-L Feed Chart For Liquid Stock Solutions
  From 100X Stock From 200X Stock Final EC Final pH
Part 1 (ml/ L) Part 2 (ml/ L) Part 1 (ml/ L) Part 2 (ml/ L)
Seedling Stage
(Before Trueleaf)
0 0 0 Water Only 5.9
Seedling Stage
(After Trueleaf)
3 ml 3 ml 1.5 ml 1.5 ml 0.7-0.8 5.9
Transfer (1st Week) 4 ml 4 ml 2 ml 2 ml 0.9-1.0 6
Transfer (2nd Week) 6 ml 6 ml 3 ml 3 ml 1.3-1.4 6.1
Transfer (3rd Week) 8 ml 8 ml 4 ml 4 ml 1.7-1.8 6.1
Transfer (4th Week) 8 ml 8 ml 4 ml 4 ml 1.7-1.8 6.1
Transfer (5th Week) 8 ml 8 ml 4 ml 4 ml 1.7-1.8 6.1
Transfer (6th Week) 8 ml 8 ml 4 ml 4 ml 1.7-1.8 6.1
Transfer (7th Week) 8 ml 8 ml 4 ml 4 ml 1.7-1.8 6.1
Transfer (8th Week) 8 ml 8 ml 4 ml 4 ml 1.7-1.8 6.1
If required 10 ml 10 ml 5 ml 5 ml 2.1-2.2 6.2
If required 11 ml 11 ml 5.5 ml 5.5 ml 2.3-2.4 6.2
*Instructions for Drain to waste system: Provide the nutrients on alternate days; one-day nutrients and the next day water.

Nett. Vol.: 1000 ml

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