Higro Vertical NFT 18 Planter

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Higro Vertical NFT 18 Planter

The Higro Vertical NFT 18 Planter is a set of hydroponic-based systems which gives you the pleasure of owning a farm within the comfort of your home.

Why Higro™ Vertical NFT?
  • Clean Healthy Food
  • Nutrition Rich
  • Farm Fresh
  • Residue Free
  • Economical
  • Stress Buster

  • Space Efficient & Clean Technology: Requires less water and space
  • Timetable recirculation System: Timed circulation system enhances growth
  • Simple to Assemble: Extremely user-friendly, simple to assemble and use; great for beginners
  • Compatible Plants: All green leafy vegetables, herbs, and salad (lettuce, spinach, basil, mint, thyme, oregano, etc.)
Basic Fundamentals of Hydroponics:
  • Growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid (or other mediums), with added nutrients, without soil
  • Plants Grown under a Controlled environment
  • Increased growth rates and increased yields compared to traditional soil gardens
  • Increased oxygen to the root zone and liquid feed delivered directly to roots
The Higro Vertical NFT 18 Planter includes:
1 layer of 18 planters with 3 NFT Hydroponics Growing System
Assembly guideline for 18 Planters:

Step 1: Open the Box 1 & Box 2.
Step 2: Take the legs of the system from Box 1.
Step 3: Connect legs with LHS assembly & RHS assembly.
Step 4: Connect interconnecting pipe with LHS & RHS assembly.
Step 5: Place & connect tube lights with respective layers.
Step 6: Keep a set of 3 NFTs from the box on the top layer of the structure.
Step 7: Connect the top layer with an irrigation collection pipe.
Step 8: Take tank & pump from Box 2.
Step 9: Keep pump in the tank & connect with pneumatic outlet pipe.
Step 10: Refer to nutrient making procedure & prepare a solution for the system.
Step 11: Insert the plug pin of the pump into the timer board.
Step 12: Insert the plug pin of the tube light in the main source.
Step 13: Insert plug pin of timer board in the main source (Home). 

Guarantee/ Warranty:
One-year warranty from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defects only.

Product Manufactured, Marketed, and Dispatched by: Higronics