Higro Horizontal NFT 15 Planter

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Higro Horizontal NFT 15 Planter

The Higro Horizontal NFT 15 Planter is a set of a hydroponic-based system which gives you the pleasure of owning a farm within the comfort of your home.

Why Higro™ Horizontal NFT?
  • Clean Healthy Food
  • Nutrition Rich
  • Farm Fresh
  • Residue Free
  • Economical
  • Stress Buster

  • Space Efficient & Clean Technology: Requires less water and space
  • Timetable recirculation System: Timed circulation system enhances growth
  • Simple to Assemble: Extremely user-friendly, simple to assemble and use; great for beginners
  • Compatible Plants: All green leafy vegetables, herbs, and salad (lettuce, spinach, basil, mint, thyme, oregano, etc.)
Basic Fundamentals of Hydroponics:
  • Growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid (or other mediums), with added nutrients, without soil
  • Plants Grown under a Controlled environment
  • Increased growth rates and increased yields compared to traditional soil gardens
  • Increased oxygen to the root zone and liquid feed delivered directly to roots
The Higro Horizontal NFT 15 Planter includes:
1 layer of 15 planters with 3 NFT Hydroponics Growing System
Assembly guideline for 15 Planters:
Step 1 Open the Box 1 & Box 2.
Step 2 Take legs of the system from Box 1.
Step 3 Connect legs with LHS assembly & RHS assembly.
Step 4 Connect interconnecting pipe with LHS & RHS assembly.
Step 5 Keep a set of NFT on the top layer of the structure.
Step 6 Connect NFT outlet with irrigation collection pipe.
Step 7 Take tank & pump from Box 2.
Step 8 Keep pump in the tank & connect with pneumatic outlet pipe.
Step 9 Refer nutrient-making procedure & prepare a solution for the system.
Stem 10 Insert plug pin of the pump in timer board
Step 11 Insert plug pin of timer board in the main source (Home).
Step 12 Switch on the button & System is ready to use.
Guarantee/ Warranty:
One-year warranty from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defects only.

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