Cauliflower Fortaleza 2000 Seeds

Brand: Seminis / Monsanto

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Cauliflower Fortaleza 2000 Seeds

FORTALEZA is a vigorous hybrid that has excellent wrapper leaves for added protection, along with excellent adaptability, making it well-suited for winter harvest.
FORTALEZA Is popularized because of its quality and overall disease package.

  • 1.2 to 1.5 kg, white, Dome Shaped, and compact curd.
  • Excellent Self covering ability.
  • Relative Maturity is 80-85 Days after transplanting.
  • Excellent wrapper leaves that provide protection.
  • Adaptable and well-suited for winter harvest.

Recommended for Sowing:
In Rabi Season: HP, PB, RJ, HR, BR, JK, WB, UP, AP, MP, GJ and KA.

Nett Seeds in 1 Packet: 2000 Seeds.

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