Chipku Fly Trap (Pack of 10)

Brand: Turning Point Natural Care

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Chipku Fly Trap for Home Glue Trap for House Fly, Sticky Fly Stick Paper (Pack of 10)


Chipku housefly traps are the best way to reduce the population of flies in the house with just in few simple steps of fly repellents.

The steps are mentioned below:
1. Open fly trapper place at the area near to the drain kitchen corners wants dustbins and garbage area
2. Fold the paper inside after it is full of flies and destroy it by burning it or disposing of it. It’s better than housefly powder fly medicines Cost effective than Housefly killing machine for home best from any housefly repellent spray fly repellents It does not have any hazardous effect on humans or pests, It’s a safer insect control for our loved once little children’s care from unwanted bacteria comes from flies.

Manufactured, Packed, and Dispatched by Turning Point Natural Care