Paragon Robust Meal Ration (RMR) Cattle Feed Pellets 17 Kg

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Paragon Robust Meal Ration (RMR) Cattle Feed Pellets 17 Kg


RMR-Robust Meal Ration-Cattle / Buffalo / Cow Feed Pellets (17Kgs), Natural Organic Feed Fortified with Essential Vitamins and Minerals and Probiotics.


  • RMR is completely made from Natural Ingredients (free from NPN source) and hence can be used as Calf Feed.
  • RMR feed is Efficient Feed for Heifers Adult Cattle and All Stages
  • RMR is a Feed manufactured under Expert Nutritional Guidance
  • RMR is a Unique Feed Formulation designed by Dairy Technologist
  • RMR Feed Improves the overall health of the animal, improves the yield of Milk Production as well as contributes to enhanced Fat and SNF
  • RMR-Robust Meal Ration Cattle Feed is the feed choice to improve overall health, and milk production both in terms of milk yield and fat content of the dairy animals by fortifying it with necessary Minerals and Vitamins.
  • RMR-Robust Meal Ration Feed Includes Ayurvedic Ingredients for the betterment of Animal Health
  • RMR-Robust Meal Ration Feed is fortified with Vitamins and Minerals and Priobiotics which not only Optimise productivity but also improve digestion which inturn overcomes ruminal acidosis and bloat.

Cow: 1-2 Kg for body maintenance and 400-500 grams for each litre of milk produced. (As it is completely natural, and can be fed to the Calf as well)

Nett. weight: 17 Kg

Best Before 3 months of Packaging Date

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