Borofix- Boron Ethanolamine (10%) 1 litre

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Borofix- Boron Ethanolamine (10%) 1 litre

1 litre Bottle packing


  • Corrects boron deficiency in all crops
  • Non-phytotoxic formulation of Boron micronutrient and can be used in early stages of crop growth
  • Improves fruiting
  • Highly useful for Boron-loving crops like Cotton, Cabbage, and Tobacco
  • It is suitable for all crops

Boron (as B)% by weight (min.): 10.0%

1 to 1.5 ml per litre of water once or twice depending on the crop duration.


Nett. Weight: 1 litre

Manufactured, Marketed, and Dispatched by: Cropex Limited