NPK Easy 8:8:8 1 litre

Brand: Cropex

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NPK Easy 8:8:8 1 litre

NPK liquid
1 litre Bottle


  • Quick availability of macronutrients to crops
  • Losses of nutrients compared to bulk fertilizers are lower
  • Enhances the growth and development of crops
  • Improves the yield of crops
  • It is used in all crops


Total Nitrogen (ammoniacal + Nitrate form) % by weight (min.):  8.0%
Nitrogen in Ammoniacal form % by weight (min.): 3.0%
Available Phosphorus (as P2O5) % by weight (min.): 8.0%
Water Soluble Potash (as K2O) % by weight (min.): 8.0%
Sulphate Sulphur % by weight (min.): 2.0%

For Sugarcane: 10 ml per litre of water
For Medium & short term crops: 3-5 ml per litre of water


Nett. Vol.: 1 litre

Manufactured, Marketed, and Dispatched by: Cropex Limited