Katyayani Flowering Booster with Sample of Mix Micronutrients 250 ml

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Katyayani Flowering Booster with Sample of Mix Micronutrients 250 ml


  • It is a new Technology Organic Flowering Fertilizer / Booster. It comes with an additional package containing a mix- micronutrients Fertilizer. The unique combination of these two gives a tremendous increase in flowering yield up to 3 times normal; exploring the full potential of your plants. Designed for all types of Flowering Plants.
  • It works tremendously on all types of flowering plants including Rose, all Jasmine, Orchid, Hibiscus, all Bougainvillea, Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis, Ixora, Lantana, Adenium, Milii, Kalanchoe, Crossandra, Tibouchina, Mussaenda acuminta, Ixora Coccinea, Allamanda cathartica, Snapdragons, Orange Trumpet Creeper, Clitoria ternatea, Phlox etc.
  • The Solution naturally induces Florigen i.e the flowering hormone in plants it also replenishes the dead cell faster responsible for Flowering and fruit formation, Thus visible results in the plant can be seen very fast i.e in 3-5 days from the first spray/application. Mix-micronutrients ensure the supply of additional nutrients essential to soil and plants which are basic for any plant before and during flowering.
  • It Increases flowering up to 3 times to the current yield in 3-5 days of application, exploring the full potential of your plants. it Enhances the color and size of existing & new flowers in the plants. Micronutrient Super Packet along with the product increases soil health and creates the best soil conditions for the flowering of the plant.
  • This combination is for all purposes i.e for domestic use - Home gardens, nurseries, farms, potted plants & agricultural uses.

Mix 17 ml Solution in 15 Litre of Water and apply to all flowering plants. NPK Pouch is to be mixed with 2 grams / Litre of water and given along with the solution. 

Nett. Vol.: 250 ml

Manufactured, Marketed & Dispatched By: Katyayani Organics

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