Katyayani Paddy Guard - Fenoxaprop P Ethyl 6.9 % EC 250 ml

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Katyayani Paddy Guard - Fenoxaprop P Ethyl 6.9 % EC 250 ml

Technical: Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl 6.9% EC
Substance group: Aryloxyphenoxypropionate
Product Type: Herbicide
Mode of action: Selective, systemic with contact action. Inhibits fatty acid synthesis (ACCase).
  • Katyayani Paddy Guard Contains FENOXAPROP-P-ETHYL 6.9 % EC is a selective post-emergent herbicide for the control of grassy weeds , especially Echinochloa spp.
  • Paddy Guard gives excellent control of Echinochloa sp (Barnyard grass) for Direct Seeded & Transplanted Rice. It has Effective grass control - wide range of grasses controlled.
  • Paddy Guard is absorbed by the leaves and stems of the plants and is translocated systemically. It predominantly inhibits the synthesis of fatty acids in the meristem tissue of grassy weeds.
  • Paddy Guard Effective and wide range of grass control. It is also Excellent in plant selectivity and safe to crops at recommended dosages. Paddy Guard gets absorbed very fast in the plant system and does not get washed off even if it rains after three hours of Paddy Guard spray.

350 ml per Acre application time - at 3-5 leaf stages, used as Early Post Emergent herbicide. Apply when weeds are of 2 to 5 leaf stage. Detailed Instructions to use are given along with the product.

All Herbicides / Weedicides are risky; we DO NOT recommend you to use them on any of your crops. Use it at your own risk after proper consultation. (You can get a consultation in local language from Kisan Call Center: 1800 180 1551)
KISANeSTORE is not liable for any damage caused by these Herbicides / Weedicides.

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