Leaf Grow - 250 ml

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Leaf Grow 250 ml

LEAF GROW is molecules containing an amine group, a carboxylic acid group and a side chain that varies between different amino acids and high quality plant stimulants.
Various field tests, crop cycle tests and research done to prove effectiveness of LEAF GROW.
Leaf & Fruit benefits:
  • Deepen Leaf colour, enhance light absorption capacity.
  • Improve Wax layer thickness and gloss of leaf.
  • Obtain bigger and well-shaped fruits,
  • Increase the content of sugar and vitamins in fruits,
  • Improve Blossom and Fruit set
  • Increase leaf photosynthetic efficiency.
Roots & Overall Growth:
  • Improve absorption rate and transport rate of microelements in plants.
  • Promote biological nitrogen fixation and protein synthesis
  • Avail the protein synthesis and chlorophyll production of crops.
  • Quickly correct the present and potential nutrient deficiency disease.
  • Accelerate seed germination and increase crop yield.
  • Increase yield and improve quality significantly.
Recommended Dosage:
  • Foliar Application: 1-2 ML / 15 LTR OF WATER (PUMP)
  • Drip Irrigation: 1 LTR Per Acre
  • Seed Treatment: 15-20 ML / 1 Kg of seed
Application: 1 LTR per acre in difference of every 15-20 days stating from seed to fruit stage.
Composition:  20% Dry basis total dissolve solid agro chemicals w/w to prepare 100% Net formulation, which includes Soya Amino Acid, Fulvic acid, Enzyme, Minerals, Micro Elements & PGR traces. 
Net Content:  250 ML
Manufactured, Packed & Dispatched By: Gujarat Greenchem Industries

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