Bloom Buddy Organic Growth Booster - 1 Kg

Brand: Bloom Buddy

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Bloom Buddy Organic Growth Booster - 1 Kg 

  • Bloom Buddy Organic Growth Booster Give your plants the best organic nutrition.
  • The Organic Growth Booster is very easy to use, enables robust plant growth and makes your plants more resistant to pests and diseases.
  • Bloom Buddy is that constant friend your plants need.
  • The Organic Growth Booster restores all the essential macro and micro-nutrients in the soil to ensure your plants grow happy and healthy.
  • 100% organic and control union certified plant fertilizer
  • Enhances plant growth and protects from pests and diseases
  • Improves flowering and maximizes fruit formation
  • Provides essential micro, macro and trace nutrients
  • Slowly releases nutrients for almost a month keeping the soil nourished
  • Growth Booster for Pot Plants like Money plant, Rose Plant, Vegetable Plants & Flowering Plants

Net Weight:  1 Kg

Manufactured by: Rajshree Biosolutions LLP (Bloom Buddy)