Combo Ground Nut Meal and Mustard Seed Meal 1 Kg Each

Brand: Ecotika

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Combo Ground Nut Meal and Mustard Seed Meal 1 Kg Each

Combination of Ground nut cake and Mustard seed cakes for use in variety of applications. Fit for use in organic gardening, free from all animal origin ingredients.
Key Features:
  1. Made for each other; combination of Ground Nut and Mustard seed meals is known as most powerful Nitrogen Combination and brings to table all the nutrients in organic form required for healthy plant and soil.
  2. Best choice for improving soil health. Helps to improve soil texture, adds necessary nutrients to soil. Helps soil dwelling organisms to develop and flourish in turn improving soils fertility.
  3. Use in Multiple ways; both in any combination can be used directly, made into fertilizer tea or can be used as suspension. This aids in ease of use and range.
Net Weight: 2 Kg (1 Kg each)

Manufactured, Packed & Dispatched by: Ecotika