Bio Enhanced Mustard Seed Meal-Premium Cold Press Product 1 Kg

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Bio Enhanced Mustard Seed Meal-Premium Cold Press Product 1 Kg

Key Highlights;
  • Premium quality cold press: In cold press technique of oil extraction the seeds are not exposed to high temperature or oil extraction chemicals. Hence, the nutritional elements like beneficial amino acids, proteins and other minerals remain undamaged. This ensures that your plant and garden soil gets the best nutrition they deserve.
  • S.Ma.R.T capable: SMaRT is a technique developed by Ecotika to improve the efficiency of natural fertilizers without compromising in their basic nature or nutrition profile. SMaRT enabled product ensures that with every direct application the soil structure is improved, the nutrition availability is regulated.
  • Bio Enhanced: A bio enhanced product means, that this product will provide refuge to beneficial soil microbiology that is vital to maintain a great garden soil. Bio Enhanced fertilizer is one that provides more favourable sites and circumstances for soil biological processes to occur. Overall this function helps you achieve great results with less and less of inputs.
  • Faster feeding and long lasting: Faster feeding ensures that the nutrients are available from the first application and Nutrition lasts for long period of time typically 55-60 days between two applications. In some test conditions this duration was observed to exceed 75 days.
  • Pathogen free and long lasting: Since this product is a natural product delivered to you in dry and powdered form it is free from pathogenic and disease causing bacteria. Also this product is free from any kind of slaughter house waste, fish processing waste, Bio solids and sewage sludge. This product is safe for handling and use.
Net Weight: 1 Kg

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