Majestic Mogra 1 Kg

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Majestic Mogra 1 Kg

Dosage for Mogra:

  • For Pots Start with 25-30 grams (approximately 1 small bowl) and can be increased upto 40 grams every 2 months during active phase of the plant. Do not use during hibernation phase from Dec till March (one dose should be applied at the start of winter and then at the start of spring). 

  • For Garden Beds or Large plants dosage can be from 40 to 50 grams with frequency as mentioned above.


Application Method

Make a trench around the plant measuring a distance of 2 inches from the plant stem. The trench should be at least 2 inches deep. Uniformly spread the blend in this trench and then backfill the trench so that the blend is not exposed to atmosphere. Water the plant. Alternatively make the trench as mentioned above, then mix the requisite amount of blend with water make a slurry and distribute this slurry in this trench and then backfill the trench.



We have designed this product purely as a fertilizer and under this use conditions the product is safe to use but under no circumstances should this product be eaten or be allowed to be eaten. When children are handling this product wash hands after application. 
This product is free from

  1. Bio-solids,

  2. Sewage sludge,

  3. Slaughter house wastes like blood meal, bone meal, hoof and hair meal etc.

  4. Fish processing wastes,

  5. Animal manure

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