D-Source De-composting Microbes Bio Fertilizer - 1 Litre (Turning Point)

Brand: Turning Point Natural Care

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D-Source De-composting Microbes Bio Fertilizer - 1 Litre (Turning Point)

  • It makes free the essential nutrients and recycles them to the plant for further growth. Increase the decomposting activity in the field faster. Eco-friendly and safe for environment and micro-flora in soil. Acts as plant growth promoting bio-fertilizer increase the availability of key nutrients.
  • D-source is formulated for accelerated decomposition of solid waste emerging from industries, town and municipal waste etc. and to remove odour from the waste instantly.
  • D-source converts a degraded ecosystem to productive and contain useful microorganisms. This helps in biodegradation of pollutant from wastewater and also helps in maintaining COD and BOD level of waste water.

Net Volume – 1 Litre

Manufactured, Packed & Dispatched by: Turning Point Natural Care