P-Source Phosphorous Solubilising Bacteria - 1 Litre (Turning Point)

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P-Source Phosphorous Solubilsing Bacteria - 1 Litre (Turning Point)

Compatible with other beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere. Stimulate formation of fats, convertible starches and healthy seeds. Helps rapid cell development in plants. Eco-friendly and safe for environment and micro-fauna in soil.
Key Specifications:
  • P-source makes free the bound P in soil and makes available to the plant.
  • Solubilize and made available to the plants about 30 kg Phosphorus / ha / year.
  • Encourage early root development.
  • Acts as plant growth promoting bacterium.
  • Produces organic acid like succinic acid, which hasten the maturity and thereby increase the ratio of grain and yield.
Net Volume – 1 Litre

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