N-Source Atmospheric Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria - 1 Litre (Turning Point)

Brand: Turning Point Natural Care

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N-Source Atmospheric Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria - 1 Litre (Turning Point)

Azotobacter Chrococcum
Bio Fertilizer
1 Liter Bottle packing

Key Specifications:
  • The Universal N-Source liquid bio fertilizer fixes the atmospheric N and make available to the plant.
  • Capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen to the level of 25-40 kg N/ha/year.
  • Azotobacter are tolerant to high salts. 
  • Assures early and effective germination, germination increased by 20-30%. Also known to secrete growth promoting substances like gibberellic acid and IAA, which enhance root proliferation and growth of crop plants. 
  • Eco-friendly and safe for environment and micro-flora in soil.
  • Acts as plant growth promoting bacteria.                                                                             

Manufactured, Packed & Dispatched by: Turning Point Natural Care