Chipku Fruit Fly attractant Liquid Methyl Eugenol - 25 ml

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Chipku Fruit Fly attractant Liquid Methyl Eugenol - 25 ml

Fruit Fly / Bactocera Dorsalis

Purpose of this product to give user friendly cost effective solution for pest Bactocera dorsalis Fruit fly which majorly attack in Mango papaya, guava small balcony plants
Application- To make fruit fly trap
How to use:
1. Take water bottle
2. Make 2-3 holes in the center of bottle for entering the flies
3. Make hole in center to insert wire from cap of bottle
4. Tie cotton on wire from inner side of bottle
5. Pour 5-10 drops on cotton
6. Put 200 ml approx. water in bottle bottom
7. Use 5-10 drops of insecticide in water
8. Assemble cap and maintain height of wooden piece which should in line with 3 insect entering holes
9. Hang the traps on tree

  1. Keep out of reach of children and pets  
  2. Change water & cotton once in week
  3. Do not use indoor           
Key Specifications:
  • Highly attractive bait For Fruit flies
  • User friendly packaging
  • Can make 15-20 traps with 25 ml liquid
  • Recommended for organic farming
  • Best for terrace balcony farming

Net Qty -25 ml Dropper bottle

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