Azin - Liquid (Zinc Solublising Bacteria) 500 ml

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Azin - Liquid (Zinc Solublising Bacteria) 500 ml

Common Name: Azin - Liquid
Bio Fertilizer
500 ml Bottle

Product Description:

  • Azin is a high quality zinc solubilising bio fertilizer formulation.
  • The product is available in both liquid and carrier based formulation.
  • Zinc becomes mostly unavailable to crops because of its low levels of mobility and solubility and its tendency to get adsorbed by soil making in unavailable to the plants.
  • Azin can help in improving zinc uptake by plants in different ways.
  • Azin consists of efficient strain of Zinc solubilizing free living bacteria.
  • It can mobilize Zinc to be readily available for the plants in well maintained soils.
  • It is recommended for food crops, oil seeds, pulses, fruits and vegetables, ornamentals and plantation crops etc.

  • Soil/seed treatment/ root dip/ drip irrigation/with FYM.
  • For Individual Plants 2 to 5ml / 2 to 5gms / liter of water & apply directly into the soil.

  • Azin enhances the uptake of zinc in plants leading to maintain the nutrient proportion.
  • Azin improves soil nutrient content.

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