Shamrock Iron (Ferrous) Chelated Micronutrient 1 Kg

Brand: Shamrock Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

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Shamrock Iron (Ferrous) Chelated Micronutrient 1 Kg

A1 – Chelated Iron Micronutrient Fertiliser
Technical Name: Ferrous EDTA 12.00%
Foliar Spray
1 Kg Box Packing

Iron (Fe) is essential for crop growth and food production. Iron is a component of many enzymes associated with energy transfer, nitrogen reduction and fixation, and lignin formation.

Directions for use:

  • Dissolve 200 grams of A1 in 150-200 litres of water snd spray over one acre of crop.
  • Higher or Lower concentration can also be used depending on the nature of crops and their requirements.

Nett. Weight: 5 Kg

Imported & Packed By: Shamrock Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

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