Broccoli Sakata Green Magic 8 grams

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Broccoli Sakata Green Magic 8 grams

This variety summer to fall-type broccoli offers very good uniformity of harvest. Green Magic is in the mid-early maturity class and has wide adaptability. It has a semi-domed, tight head with medium-small bead size and a good plant habit.


  • Days to maturity from direct seed: 90 days
  • Plant height: Medium
  • Head-coloor: Blue green
  • Head characteristics: Semi-domed
  • Bead size: Medium-small
  • Use & remarks: Excellent variety for fresh market and processing. Widely adaptable.

Nett Quantity in 1 Packet: 8 Grams.
No. of seeds in 1 packet: 2000 seeds
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