Fieldmaster Solar and Electric Zatka - Fence Guard ESB33026

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Fieldmaster Solar and Electric Zatka - Fence Guard ESB33026

Area covered: Approx. 2000 meter or 50 vigha (1 Vigha = 25000 Sq.feet).

Fieldmaster fence energizer is World’s most powerful Fence Energizer which is design, tested and Government Approved as per standard of safety BIS 302-2-76.
A Professional security system which can be use by Airport, Military, B.S.F, Forest department for protecting their properties from theft, intrusion, Pilferage and Sabotage Programmable siren system: Users can program siren according to their need,Like
  • When fencing wire break,
  • When animals touch to fencing,
  • When branches touch to fencing,
  • When heavy voltage drop from fencing,

  • It is a Electric as well as Solar system.
  • Extra power function can be avoid rustling animals.
  • Automatic and manual function: Automatic starts at night and off at the morning  Power management system Provide long Battery life-period
  • Live And Return wire system
  • All type of indication can give all information of Fence energizer’s status  
  • 1 to 500 acres of different types of models for agriculture.
  • All kind of Information and services are provided through the company's top-level technical experts.
  • Running from 100% sunlight, does not need electricity.
  • It gives short, sharp and painful shock but there is not physical harm to the man and animal.
  • It can run 2 weeks without sunlight.
  • It comes with powerful battery charger, It will charge in 1 hour. 

Extensive Reliability & Protections
  • Over temperature
  • Reverse polarity
  • PV input and output overload
  • Reverse current
  • Over discharging/ charging; Load short circuit
  • Load overload

Technical specification:
  • Output energy: 3 J factory Set
  • Output Voltage: 7 to 9 KV,selectable model
  • Output current: 7A
  • Pulse Interval: 1.2 second nominal
  • Pulse Duration: 200 micro second, nominal
  • HV output: 9000 V 1 zone
  • LV output: 7000 V 1 zones
  • Input Power: 12 V DC
  • Input current: 250 ma
  • Solar Panel: 40w 2.29A MNRE approved A Grade
  • Battery: 26AH Amron make SMF
  • Auto mode: 24 hours
  • Area covered: Approx. 2000 meter or 50 vigha (1 Vigha = 25000 Sq.feet).
Green LED: POWER ON Flashes for fence energizer on
Red LED: Pulse Fence voltage ok when LED Blinking
Red LED: Fence fault Fence is temper, short, low voltage, ground, When solid on, indicates that the high voltage pulse is lower than the adjustable set point voltage, and your fence requires maintenance. The low voltage indicates that the high voltage pulse has dropped below effective levels (200 volts) and immediate action should be taken to preserve the effectiveness of your perimeter fence (alert condition – alarm). Clearing the grass and weeds from the fence usually clears this indication (weed alert alarm).
Red LED: Battery low when battery reach 12V
Red LED: Battery discharge when batter doesn’t have voltage to run
Green LED: Charging when solar Panel connect or charging going on
Smart high voltage sensor  
Takes an electric fence charger pulse and analyzes it for peak voltage, pulse width and period. The Fieldmaster fence energizer can accurately measure voltage pulses from almost any fence charger or pulse source, including the spark plug voltage on a gasoline engine. The design algorithm used in this device was determined for stability, longevity, and reliability under a wide set of usage parameters. (Patents pending.)
Programmable siren and indication system The red light will flash for every pulse that is higher than the set point level.
Maintenance voltage  
The maintenance threshold voltage is set at 6 KV at the factory and is user-adjustable. The “maintenance set-point voltage” is usually set about 1 KV to 2 KV less than the fence energizer output.
Weed alert  
Then creeping weed growth will be noticed before the fence voltage drops below an effective level. This maintenance voltage is adjustable from 1.5 KV to 8 KV. If flora (grass, bushes, limbs and leaves) partially load or partially short out the high voltage and reduce the effective pulse voltage to below the adjustable maintenance level voltage set point, then the yellow LED will light and the maintenance contacts will close.
Voltage accepting/maintaining Can measure voltage by varying sensitivity setting and also can check your insulated quality your fence voltage .
False alarm setting The maintenance function has approximately a 100 second delay, to avoid false alarms.
Automatic reset  
If the grass or limb is blown off or removed and the charger pulse voltage is restored, then the maintenance alarm will reset itself and the maintenance contacts will open. When the pulse voltage drops or becomes less than 200 volts, the “no voltage” contacts will close. There is a built-in delay of 3 seconds before the red LED will light and the alarm contact closes, This device is designed for long life with ease and consistency of operation.

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