Vatsal Hi - Min Gold Chelated 1.250kg

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Vatsal Hi - Min Gold Chelated 1.250kg
Minerals Absorption Depends on
Quality of Minerals and not on Quantity
Quality Vs Quantity
Chelated Minerals :Absorption can be increased upto 90%
The right choice of minerals for better absorption fortified with Live Yeast Culture
Ordinary Minerals : Only 30 to 50% minerals are absorbed, depending upon the animals status and source of minerals.
Special Features : Calcium and Phosphurus Ratio is 2:1, Yeast culture content is 20g,
Magnesium content is 4.5 g and metho cheated manganese content is 3.9g.

Benefits of Chelated minerals
  • Improves milk production.
  • Greater milk fat content.
  • Helps maintain peak milk production.
  • Improves fertility/reproduction.
  • Regularizes oestrus cycle in animals.
  • Increases disease resistance/immunity.
  • Improves digestion and overall health of the animal.
Chelated HiMin is fortified with
20 Gram Live Yeast Culture
Live Yeast Culture helps to prevent
acidosis and improved rumen digestion.

Direction for use:
Small Animals: 30gm / Daily
Hi-Min Gold for Higher Weight Gain
Large Animals: 50gm / Daily
Hi-Min Gold for High Milk Gain
Packagings: 1.250 kg

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