Muskmelon / Kharbooja OP Kajri 10 grams

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Muskmelon / Kharbooja OP Kajri 10 grams

Muskmelon plants flourish well under warm climate and cannot tolerate frost. The optimum temperature for germination of the seed is 27-30°C. Dry weather with clear sunshine during ripening ensures a high sugar content, better flavour and a high percentage of marketable fruits. High humidity increases the incidence of diseases, particularly those affecting foliage. Cool nights and warm days are ideal for accumulation of sugars in the fruits.
Variety details:
  • Round shaped and light brown with mottled  green stripes
  • Sweet in taste
  • Days to plucking – 55 to 60 days after sowing
  • Fruit weight – 800 to 1,000gm
Net Weight:  10 grams

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