Humiplus - Potassium Humate 18% + Fulvic acid 5% 1 litre

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Humiplus - Potassium Humate 18% + Fulvic acid 5% 1 litre

Potassium Humate 18% + Fulvic acid 5%
Organic Soil Enricher
1 litre Bottle Packing

HUMIPLUS is an organic water-soluble product that conditions the soil. It comprises compounds essential for plant growth and development. Humiplus is available in three formulations namely Powder, Liquid, and Granular to cater to various farming requirements.

Active Ingredients:
Liquid: Potassium Humate 18% and Fulvic acid 5%


  • Loosens soil for easy penetration of roots and reduces soil compaction
  • Improves water retention in soil
  • Supplies essential nutrients required for balances nourishment of plants
  • Promotes development of chlorophyll, sugars, and amino acids in plants
  • Increases yield and quality of produce

Liquid: 3-5 litres/ acre; Apply 3-5 times at 1 litre/ application
Granules: 5kg/ acre; Mix Humiplus G with topsoil and broadcast
Powder: 250-500g/acre; Mix Humiplus with the required quantity of water and spray/drench the soil. Repeat application after 30 days.

Recommended crops:
Sugarcane, paddy, banana, cereals, vegetables, legumes, turmeric, cotton, cardamom, ginger, coffee, tea, fruit and other cash crops.

Shelf life:
Two years from the date of manufacture

Nett. Weight: 1 litre

Manufactured, Packed & Dispatched By: Rajshree Biosolutions LLP

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