Nutrivam - Phosphate Mobilizing Mycorrhizal Fungi 5 Kg

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Nutrivam - Phosphate Mobilizing Mycorrhizal Fungi 5 Kg

Acaulospora laevis & Glomus mosseae
Phosphate Mobilizing Mycorrhizal Fungicide

5 Kg Packing

NUTRIVAM is a vermiculite-based formulation containing VAM spores and VAM infected roots. VAM makes a symbiotic association with the plant roots enabling them to absorb more phosphorous and other essential micronutrients from the soil.

Active Ingredients:
Acaulospora laevis & Glomus mosseae - spores and Infected roots; Total viable propagules/g of product, maximum: 100/ gram


  • Mobilizes phosphorous and other essential nutrients
  • Increases plant resistance to drought, stress, salinity, and pathogen infection
  • Improves plant growth and yield
  • Protects plants from nematodes and soil borne diseases

Nursery — 0.5 — 1.0 kg/ acre
Main field — 5 kg/ acre broadcast after mixing with 250-500 kg of organic matter or 5 litre Humiplus with 250 kg of top soil

Recommended crops:
Sugarcane, paddy, banana, cereals, vegetables, legumes, turmeric, cotton, cardamom, ginger, coffee, tea, fruit and other cash crops.

Shelf life:
One year from the date of manufacture

Nett. Weight: 5 Kg

Manufactured, Packed & Dispatched By: Rajshree Biosolutions LLP

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