Azogro - Azospirillum sp. 1 litre

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Azogro - Azospirillum sp. 1 litre

Azospirillum sp. - CFU: Z 1x10Vml
Nitrogen Fixing Bio Fertilizer
1 litre Bottle packing


AZOGRO contains a dormant form of bacterium Azospirillum sp. which fixes the atmospheric nitrogen in the soil. On application, cells multiply rapidly utilizing the carbon source in the soil and roots exudates and fix nitrogen into a usable form for plants

Active Ingredients :
Azospirillum sp. (cfu: Z 1x10Vml)

  • Special cell protectant which protects microbial cells
  • No loss of properties even storing at 45°C
  • Effective nitrogen fixer for agricultural crops
  • Active producer of biological molecules such as vitamins, nicotinic acid, IAA, gibberellins
  • Increases development of root hairs and promotes branching of roots
  • Accelerates plant growth, increases mineral and water uptake, vegetative growth, and crop yield
  • Can reduce up to 25% of chemical Nitrogen fertilizer requirement

Seed treatment — 100 ml/ acre
Seedling treatment — 500 ml / acre
Main field application — Apply 1 litre / acre after mixing with 250-500 kg of organic manure or 5 litre Humiplus with 200kg of topsoil

Recommended crops:
Sugarcane, paddy, banana, cereals, vegetables, turmeric, cotton, cardamom, ginger, coffee, tea, and other cash crops.

Shelf life:
One year from the date of manufacture

Net Volume: 1 litre

Manufactured, Packed & Dispatched By: Rajshree Biosolutions LLP

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