Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG 10 grams (Shamrock)

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Technical: Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG
Substance group: Micro - organism derived
Product type: Insecticide
Mode of action: Non-systemic, acts by causing insect paralysis by suppersing muscle contraction. Chloride channel activator.
10 grams Packaging


Introduction Emamectin benzoate 5% SG is a water soluble granular formulation cointaning 5% active ingredient and is recommended for the control of Bollworms on cotton, Fruit and shoot borer on okra, DBM on cabbage, Fruit borer, thrips, mites on chilli, fruit and shoot borer on brinjal, pod borer on red gram, chickpea Graps-Thrips and Tea - Tea looper. It is an insecticide with stomach action and should be ingested by the larvae to be most effective. Affected larvae become paralyzed and stop feeding shortly after exposure to Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG and subsequently die after 2-4 days.  
Direction Of Use
apply the insecticides when the incidence of larvae is first observed and repeat applications as necessary. apply the insecticide in sufficient quantity of water to ensure through coverage of the foliage. Emamectin benzoate 5% SG is toxic to Aquaculture and Honey bees. 
Do not use cooking utensils for preparing the spray solution. Use stick for stirring the spray solution. Avoid contact with skin, eye and clothing. Avoid inhalation of fog and vapours. Wear hand gloves to avoid contact with the skin. Wear protective clothing, mask, goggles and boots while handling the product. Do not eat, drink or smoke while applying the product. Wash hands with soap and plenty of water and change clothes after the work is over. Avoid contamination of air and water bodies with the insecticides. Also wash the contaminated clothes. 
Signs And Symptoms Of Poisoning
Early symptoms of poisoning may be a combination of dilation of pupils, muscular in coordination, ataxia and muscle tremors 
First Aid Measures
Remove the affected person to as well ventilated area or fresh air and protect him from under cooling. Remove contaminated clothing and thoroughly wash the affected parts of the body with soap and water. Rinse eyes with clean water for several minutes. If ingested, give the patient one or two glasses of water, if able to swallow. Do not induce vomiting. Get the attention of the medical doctor immediately. Note: Do not induce vomiting or never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. 
Drug Therapy (Anti-Dote)
No specific antidote. treat symptomatically. 
Early symptoms may be a combination of dilation of pupils, muscular in coordination, ataxia and muscle tremors. 
1. The package containing the insecticide should be stored in original cointainers in separate rooms or premises away from the rooms or premises used for storing other articles particularly articles of food or shall be kept in separate almirahs under lock and key. 2. The rooms or premises meant for storing the fungicide shall be well built, airy, well lit and ventilated and of sufficient dimension to avoid contamination with vapour. 3. The product is toxic to aqua culture & honeybee. 
Disposal Of Containers
1) Packages or surplus materials and washing from the machines and containers should be disposed off in safe manner so as to prevent environmental and water pollution. 2) The used packages shall not be left outside to prevent their re-use. 3) Packages shall be broken and buried away from habitation. 
Disposal Of Containers
1.It shall be the duty of manufacturers, formulators of fungicide and operators to dispose packages or surplus materials and washings from the machines and containers shall be disposed off in a safe manner, so as to prevent environmental or water pollution. 2. The used packages shall not be left outside to prevent their re-use 3. Packages shall be broken and burried away from habitation 
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Recommendations from Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee:

Sr. No. Crop(S) Used Against Dosage per Hactare Waiting Period
(English) (Hindi) (English) (Hindi)      Formulation     Dilution In Water
English (kg) Hindi (कि.ग्रा.) English Ltr Hindi (लीटर) English Hindi
1 Cotton कपास Bollworms डोडे की सुंडियाँ 190-220 190-220 500 500 10 10
2 Okra भिंडी Fruit and shoot borer तना व फल छेदक 135-170 135-170 500 500 5 5
3 Cabbage पातगोभी Diamond back moth हीरक पतगें 150-200 150-200 500 500 3 3
4 Chilli मिर्च Fruit borer, thrips, mites फल छेदक, चुरदा व घुन 200 200 500 500 3 3
5 Brinjal बैगंन Fruit & Shoot borer फल व तना छेदक 200 200 500 500 3 3
6 Redgram अरहर Pod borer फली छेदक 220 220 500-750 500-750 14 14
7 Chickpea चना Pod borer फली छेदक 220 220 500 500 14 14
8 Tea चाय Tea looper चाय का लूपर 200 200 500 500 1 1
9 Grapes अंगूर Thrips थ्रिप्स 220 220 500-1000 500-1000 5 5

Manufactured by: Alfa Crop Science Pvt. Ltd.

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