Kisan Raja Maharaja Mobile Motor Controller

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Kisan Raja Maharaja Mobile Motor Controller

Kisan Raja's Maharaj is a GSM based Mobile Motor Controller that enables the farmer to operate more than one upto three agricultural motor pump sets anytime and from anywhere using their mobile or landline phones. A simple User friendly device that is very easy to use and assists the farmers in addressing a number of problems such as water, electricity, money and motor.

i) Motor ON/OFF control through Call, SMS and Missed Call options.
ii)Four Different Operating Modes - Auto Mode, Manual Mode, Timer Mode and Bypass Mode.
iii)Operates in 3 Phase, 2 Phase and Single Phase Power.
iv)Power cut/ Power available notification
 v)Maharaj can control upto 3 motors but all the three motors must be within a range of 100m distance.
vi)Dry Run, Phase reverse and Phase unbalance Protection.
vii)Provision of Alert during phase failure and wire-cut.
viii)Theft Protection, Rotor lock/impeller block protection
ix)Provision of alert during low voltage, high voltage and overload current
x)Configurable auto-start delay, star delta delay and start delay
xi)Daily timer mode configurable upto four times a day
xii)Multi farmer feature (Upto 4 farmers can control and get alerts through SMS/Call)
xiii)LED indication for favorable power, auto mode and bypass mode.
xiv)Rechargeable battery backup upto 2 days
xv)Android App facility to control motor and capture necessary data for smartphones
xvi)Real time cloud based storage of data for every motor
xvii)Operates with all the SIM operators/service providers
xviii)Multiple Regional language support through Call and SMS
xix)IVRS in multiple regional languages.
xx)Can control motors upto 30 HP of any make
xxi)Firmware upgrade over the air support
xxii) One year warranty

Guarantee / Warranty:
12 months warranty for any manufacturing issues subject to use of product as per the suggested installation guidelines.
Any defects due to improper installation techniques, voltage and load conditions will not be covered.