Nutrisulf Sulphur 90% Granular 10 Kg

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Nutrisulf Sulphur 90% Granular 10 Kg


  • Sulphur (S ) is now recognized as 4th Primary Nutrient in recent years. Sulphur acts an excellent amendment for calcareous and saline alkaline soils having high pH.
  • Sulphur has direct nutritive effect on the crop and increases crop yield and quality.
  • Sulphur is an important secondary nutrient is essential component of amino acids in plant nutrition.
  • Sulphur acts as building blocks in the protein synthesis.
  • Sulphur plays role in chlorophyll formation & aids in photosynthesis.
  • Sulphur is a main constituent of oil in oil seed crops.ln case of fruit Crops, Sulphur increases the ascorbic acid content as well as Total soluble solids (T.S.S.) in fruits.
  • Sulphur also plays role in activation of enzymes, nucleic acids & forms a part of Biotin & thiamine (Vitamins) which are responsible for energy provision.
  • When NUTRISULF (Bentonitesulphur) comes in contact with soil moisture (in wet soils) it is broken down in fragments of dust & allows swift & continues in solubilization activity in root Zone (Rizosphere ). Due to pastille form of NUTRISULF granules, delivers the best swelling & distribution of elemental sulphur. During process of soil moisture availability, these granular sulphur with bentonite clay swells & helps to increase volume ( to the tune of 3.5 times) & it disperses, degrades in to sulphate form through growing season of Crop. This helps for other nutrients uptake for better plant growth & yield.

Addition of NUTRISULF (Sulphur 90% bentonite Granular) to the soil, which is imported premium quality products, it helps. NUTRISULF acts as controlled release conversion of sulphur throughout the Crop growing season.­
NUTRISULF is environment friendly, as it has low risk of leaching or dustformation (Unlike elemental sulphur in Dust form ) & has minimum environment risk.- NUTRISULF has product uniformity & granule size control & hence, it is excellent for blending with other fertilizers like Ammonium Nitrate., Mono ammonium phosphate, Potassium chloride & Ammonium Sulphate.

Method of Application:
  • Just before planting or at the time of other fertilizer application at the start of season
  • Applied in rings or furrow at 1-2" depth below soil surface around/ nearplant (root zone) & cover with soil & follow irrigation to increases its efficacy.
  • Applied below dripper (at compost/fertilizer application places ) to allow incontact with soil moisture
  • Soil application: @ 10 - 25 Kg/acre

Paddy, Wheat, Cotton, Oil Seeds & Pulses, Sugarcane, Tobacco
Grapes, Pomegranate, Orange, Banana, Hy Vegetables, Tomato, Potato, Onion

Packing- 10 Kg