Humi Pro 95 WSG (Potassium Humate) 500 grams

Brand: Hifield Organics Inc.

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Humi Pro 95 WSG (Potassium Humate) 500 grams

Potassium Humate 95%
Plant Growth Promoter
500 grams box packing
Bio Products


A natural Organic Bio-stimulant containing Phosphorous, suitable for all crops , potting soil, vegetable and flower gardens, orchards and turf grass, sugarcane etc. Helps in white root development, water retention.

Active Ingredient: Potassium Humate
Dose: 1 Gram / Litre, Suitable for Drip, Folliar Spray, Drenching
Spray interval: Sowing and after every 20 days
No. of spray times: 3 times
Crops: All crops vegetable, flower gardens, orchards, turf grass, Fruits (Horticulture), Hydrophonics, Green House Crops etc.

Manufactured & Dispatched by: Hifield Organics Inc.