Gypsum (marine) - Soil Amendment 1 Kg

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Gypsum (marine) - Soil Amendment 1 Kg


Gypsum amendments can also improve the physical and chemical properties of soils, thus reducing erosion losses of soils and nutrient concentrations (especially phosphorus) in surface water runoff.
Gypsum is a slow soluble source of the essential plant nutrients, calcium and sulfur, and can improve overallplant growth. Gypsum amendments and improves the physical properties of some soils (especially heavy clay soils). Such amendments promote soil aggregation and thus can
(1) help prevent dispersion of soil particles,
(2) reduce surface crust formation,
(3) promote seedling emergence, and
(4) increase water infiltration rates and movement through the soil profile.
It can also reduce erosion losses of soils and nutrients and reduce concentrations of soluble phosphorus in surface water runoff. Chemical properties improved by application of gypsum include the mitigation of subsoil acidity and aluminum toxicity. This enhances deep rooting and the ability of plants to take up adequate supplies of water and nutrients during drought periods. Gypsum is the most commonly used amendment for sodic soil reclamation and can also be included as a component in synthetic soils for nursery, greenhouse, and landscape use.

Form: This product is in powdered/crushed form for easy application.

Suggested Dosage Rock Phosphate 0-30-0:
Suggested Application rate:
Since Gypsum is a soil amendment and starting does can be applied from 15 grams per plant in an average 12 inch pot. Does can be increased as required.
Gypsum can be mixed with top soil or applied by making a trench.

Product is safe to use and is made from natural ingredients only.This product does not contain

  1. Slaughter house waste like blood meal, bone meal, hoof meal etc.
  2. Sewage waste Sewage sludge, biosolids
  3. Meat processing waste Fish meal, meat compost, hair meal, feather meal
  4. Synthetic chemicals like Urea, DAP, Ammonium Nitrate, Super Phosphate, Double Phosphate etc.

For Safe use please follow these instructions closely;
  1. Wash hands after each use,
  2. Keep out of reach of Pets at all times,
  3. If using this product to teach children, please make sure they wash hands after each use.
  4. During fertilizer tea preparations, avoid tea contact with eye (as mustard cake powder if of high purity and due to natural presence of Sulphur may cause eye irritation).
  5. Under any circumstances the product must not be ingested, if accidently ingested please seek advice from your physician.

Nett. weight: 1 Kg