Geolife Vigore 100gms

Brand: Geolife Agritech India Pvt. Ltd.

Categories: Certified Organic Products, Plant Growth Stimulator,

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Geolife Vigore 100gms

  • An exclusive product for increasing the agricultural productivity both in qualitative and quantitative aspect. It aims to replenish the global food scarcity by increasing crop production in the available land.
  • It contains wide range of natural minerals, enzymes, vitamins, nutrients & Antioxidant in nano form.
  • Vigore is a concentrated product for complete plant development from root to the shoot increases immunity & works efficiently in all crops.
  • It increase yield & quality to optimum level.
  • Visible difference can be seen at all stages of crop & also it is suitable for organic cultivation.
Drip: 250 gm / acre
Spray: 1 gm / 1 Litre water

Application Method:
Crop Stage Dilution Application
All crops After sowing or Transplant - Soil application/ Drip irrigation
Active vegetative stage 1:800 Foliar application