Geolife Natural Cab 250 grams

Brand: Geolife Agritech India Pvt. Ltd.

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Geolife Natural Cab 250 grams

Calcium 22% and Boron 3.8%
Plant Growth Promoter
250 gram box packing
Bio Products


Anti Cracking & Anti Rotting

  • A combination of concentrated Calcium and Boron.
  • Cell wall formation.
  • Promotes fertilization of flowers.
  • Prevents cracking and rotting of fruits.
  • Improves fruit quality.
  • Development of new shoots and flowers.

Contents- Calcium 22% and Boron 3.8%

Dosage :

Crop Stage Dosage Application
All vegetable & fruit crops Fruit / pod/ grain setting stage (Pea size fruit) 50 gm for 150-200 liters of water/acre Foliar application
Fruit / pod/ grain development stage