Geolife High Yield Package 500 grams

Brand: Geolife Agritech India Pvt. Ltd.

Categories: Bio Products, Plant Growth Promoter, Bio Fertilizer,

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Geolife High Yield Package 500 grams

  • Nano technology products with high concentration, small dose, high performance and low cost for optimum yields in all crops.                 
  • Geolife high yield package can be used on plants, vegetables, fruits, multi harvesting crops etc.                                                                       
  • Vigore + Tabsil:- It promotes root & shoot development, improves branching & fresh growth, it increases resistance to pests & diseases, it increases stress tolerance.
  • Nano Vigore + Balance Nano:- It induces flowering, produces more female flower, provide nutrients to flower, prevents flower drop.
  • Vigore FSE + Natural Cab:- It increases fruit size, prevents fruit cracking & rottening, it improves fruit quality & shelf life, it produce more gradable fruits.