Gaiagen Combo pack of Rhinoceros Beetle Lure & Bucket Trap (Pack of 5)

Brand: Gaiagen Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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GAIAGEN Rhinoceros Beetle Lure Combo Pack - Pheromone Lure for Rhinoceros Beetle Outdoor Plants (Oryctes Rhinoceros) & Insect Bucket Trap, Includes - 5 Lures & 5 Traps

Pheromone lure for: Oryctes rhinoceros


  • Field viability: 120 days
  • Trap used: Insect Bucket Trap
  • No. of traps per acre: 2 traps
  • Distance between traps: Uniform distribution
  • Shelf life: 1 year from the date of manufacture
  • Target crop: Coconut, Dates & Oil palms

Manufactured, Packed & Dispatched by: Gaiagen Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Rhinoceros Beetle Lure Usage Video