EM Solution 1 Litre

Brand: K. N. Biosciences (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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E M Solution 1 Litre

Consortium of beneficial microbes
Bio Fertilizer
1 liter  Bottle packing
Bio Product


E.M solution is Consortium of Beneficial Effective Microbes. E.M Solution is a liquid biological combination of 18 various Fungal, Bacterial cultures like Trichoderma sps, Pseudomonas sps, Bacilli sps and other biological NPK fixing microbes, etc. It contains high concentration of highly viable cells, which is in dormant stage and proliferate quickly after being applying fields.
Recommended Crops: For all vegetable crops, Field crops, Tuber crops, Plantation crops, floriculture crops, Leguminous crops, etc.
Mode of Action: Microorganisms present in EM Solution after being activated and during multiplication release various enzymes, secondary metabolites as well as hormones and vitamins, which promotes plant growth by solubilize various nutrients, providing essential hormones as well as protect plants from harmful microbes and ultimately it prevent different fungal and bacterial diseases. It improves the resistance in the plants against pests.
Dosage & Usage: Mix 5 ml per one liter of water for spray or drench to seedling beds, Use 1 liter to 2 liter per acre for direct drench or through drip.