Ecofit Fungicide 250gm

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Ecofit 250gm
For effective control of fungal diseases

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Powder Formulation:

Eugenol  00.10% w/w WP
Sodium Salt  99.90% w/w

Target Diseases:
Paddy Blast Small specks originate on leaves - subsequently enlarge into spindle shaped spots  (0.5 to 1.5cm length, 0.3 to 0.5cm width) with ashy center. Several spots coalesce to give big irregular patches
Chilli Anthracnose Symptoms are seen on leaf, stem and fruit. Small, circular spots on the skin of fruit and expand in the direction of long axis of the fruit. Fruits with many spots drop off prematurely resulting in heavy loss of yield. Fungus may also attack the fruit stalk and spread along the stem causing dieback symptoms.
Chilli Powdery Mildew White powdery coating appears mostly on the lower surface. Powdery coating can also be seen on the upper surface. Diseased fruits do not grow further and may drop down.
Okra / Bhendi Powdery Mildew  Small, round, whitish spots on leaves and stem. Spots enlarge and coalesce rapidly and a white mass resembling talcum powder appears on the upper of  leaves or other plant parts. Heavily infected leaves become yellow, then become dry and brown.
Grapes Powdery Mildew  White powdery (ash like) coating on both sides of leaves, young shoots and immature berries. Affected leaves turn pale and curl up. Affected shoots remain weak and immature. Young berries become corky, enveloped with a white powdery coating and crack eventually.
Grapes Downy Mildew  Light yellow spots on upper surface of leaves with white spots on the lower side. Leaves turn brown and can not support the bunch development. Entire clusters decay, dry and drop down. Berries turn brown and become mummified.
Grapes Anthracnose Small light brown or grayish black lesions on tender shoots, young leaves, flowers and young berries. Affected blossoms fail to set fruits. On berries, the disease causes circular brown sunken spots with dark brown margins. If severely attacked, berries may crack exposing the seeds
Ornamental Flowers Powdery Mildew Grayish-white powdery mats or patches on plant tissue. Leaf surface becomes covered by the grayish-white mildew and the leaves are twisted or distorted. Infection of flower buds causes poor quality flower formation.
Brinjal / Tomato / BitterGourd Powdery Mildew White powdery coating appears on the leaf surface. Infected leaves are dwarfed, stiff, and narrow. Fungus progressively attacks new leaves, spreading over leaf stems, twigs, and even the fruit. Terminal growth of the affected shoot is stunted or killed.
Pomegranate Phytophthora Rot Light brown spots appear on the leaves and fruits. Black and elliptic spots appear on the twigs. The affected areas in the twigs become flattened and depressed with raised edge. Such infected twigs dry up. In severe cases the whole plant dies. 
Tea Blister Blight Small, pale-green, pale-yellow, or pinkish, translucent spot on leaf which is readily seen against the darker green colour when the leaf is held against the light.

Bio efficacy : UAS, Banglore & UAHS, Shivamogga
Non toxicity & Biodegradation : National Toxicology Centre, Pune
No Pesticide Residues Analysis : Reliable Analytical Lab., Mumbai
Organic Approval : VOCA (APEDA, Govt of India)

UAS Bangalore study:  Ecofit sprayed at 0.4% was very effective in controlling Chilli Anthracnose by 54.6% over the control; Chilli Powdery mildew was reduced by 60% over the Control. Study also revealed that ECOFIT performance in controlling Anthracnose was equivalent to 0.2% DM-45.  
UAHS Shivamogga study: Ecofit sprayed at 2-4gm/litre of water applied thrice recorded minimum Paddy Leaf blast, Paddy Neck Blast severity and Maximum grain yield.

Dosage : 2gm per litre of water