Drip Line D2000 16 mm 1 LPH CL2

Brand: Rivulis Irrigation India Pvt. Ltd.

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Drip Line D2000 16 mm 1 LPH CL2
600 meter


  • Durable, Multi-Season, Integral Flat Dripline
  • D2000 is an inline, flat, non-pressure compensated (non-flow regulated) dripper.
  • D2000 is suitable for flat lands / plain topography
  • D2000 is suitable for all types of crops in both open field as well as protected cultivation

  1. Compact reels and hence less foot print required. This reduces cost of warehousing.
  2. Transportation cost can be saved due to compact reels
  3. Longer permissible lengths as compared to similar configuration of cylindrical dripper

  • D2000 - 16 mm: ID (14.2 mm + 0.2 mm tolerance) 
  • D2000 flow rates available at 1 bar pressure are: 1 Liter per Hour (LPH)
  • D2000 dripper spacing – 30 centimeter
  • D2000 dripline length – 600 meter
  • D2000 - Class 2

Gauarantee/ Warranty:
1 year warranty against manufacturing defect only.

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