Dhara 150 grams

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Dhara 150 grams

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The problem of letting down of milk is attributed due to keeping away from calf, death of calf during / after birth, stress of travel, changing of place the change of person habituated while milking, environmental changes, etc. Herbal cattle feed supplement, Dhara is effective in solving problem of letting down of milk. BVG Dhara makes the animals psychologically stable and calm and oxytocin is released naturally.

  1. Dhara is cost effective herbal & safe alternative remedy for solving problem of letting down of milk in milch animals by using the naturally available medicinal plants.
  2. As herbal product safe to use.
  1. Solves problem of letting down of milk in cows and buffaloes within 3 - 5 days.
  2. Helps in expulsion of placenta.
  1. Give BVG Dhara by mixing in feed concentrate. BVG Dhara works on central nervous system of the animal, that releases oxytocin hormones, leads to release of milk.
  2. Deworming with application of BVG All Clear is recommended before starting feeding Dhara for getting best results. Repeat the dose of All Clear after every 6 months.

50 grams per time per animal before half an hour of milking along with feed concentrate for three times consecutively (within 1 and 1/2 day) or change as per Veterinarian’s recommendation.