Cotton Ajeet 199 BG II

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Cotton Ajeet ACH 199-2 BG II
Bollgard II
Premium Cotton Hybrid Seeds with Bollgard II Technology

This Packet Contains:
475 grams of ACH 199-2 BG II Cotton Hybrid Seeds
1 Packet is sufficient for sowing in 21,750 Square Feet field (approximately 1 Bingha)

Recommended for irrigated cultivation in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka & Rajasthan.


    Duration (days) : 140-150
    Plant height (cm) : 150-160
    Boll weight (gm) : 6.0-6.5
    Staple length (mm) : 29.5-30
    Ginning (%) : 37.5-38.0
    Seed Cotton Yield (qtls/ac)- Rainfed : 6-14
    Seed Cotton Yield (qtls/ac)- Irrigated : 12-20

Salient Feature

    Suitable for irrigated and rainfed cultivation.
    Tall plant type with more no. of sympodia having big boll size
    Good rejuvenation.
    Good bearing and boll retention capacity.
    Highly tolerant to leaf reddening, sucking pests and diseases.
    Good fibre qualities.

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