Combo Pack of Funnel Trap + FAW Lure

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Combo Pack of Funnel Trap + FAW Lure

Control: Spodoptera Frugiperda

Fall Armyworm insect, damage up to 80 plants, most damage see in Maize and rice. Egg are laid on the underside of the leaves, freshly hatched larvae move downwards to leaf sheath and feed on inner tissue, With the advancement of growth and development larvae bore into stem bore into stem and feed on inner surface.
This type of insect use the FAW lure and funnel trap. Funnel trap is the insects mass trapping (Mass trapping) is an ecological method, specific for every insect and environmentally-friendly. The method consists of the capture of the greater possible number of male of the insect at issue by using sexual pheromones in the FAW Lure and reducing this way the damages caused in the crops.


  • Economically Affordable, easy to install and manage.
  • If used properly can detect low numbers of insects.
  • In funnel trap Collect only Species Specific
  • Non toxic.
  • Can be used all season long.
  • Pheromone Lure is species-specific.
  • Reduce the use of harmful pesticide and do organic farming and save the life.

  • Pheromone used 99% pure.
  • 100% Effective from other commercial product.
  • Lure working day in field life 30- 45 days.
  • Packing signal unit in anti smell realizing pouch.
  • Funnel trap is made for same species of insect a special crop.
  • Trap made form plastic in part with scientific reason.
  • Top on the Trap is “T” shape handle for hanging in field.
  • Polythene bag for checking a monitoring the number of insect who have trap.

Physical Dimensions of trap:
1) Canopy: 136 mm Diameter x 2 mm thickness
2) Funnel trap base: 105 mm (Diameter of the mouth) x 70 mm (Height of the funnel) x 30 mm (Diameter of the bottom hole) and T shaped handle to hang up the trap. Three Stalks for fixing canopy to the trap base
3) Collection Device: Polythene bag of 175 mm (Width) X 555 mm (Height)

Per Acre Use:  Funnel trap with FAW lure at 15 / ha for controlling.

Precaution: Please use hand gloves / clean hand for handling lure.